EASO Student Flat Rules

The resident must bear in mind and follow the following rules aimed at improving the students’ daily coexistence:



At EASO there are no check-in or check-out times. Each student is given a full set of keys upon arrival to enter and exit the flat anytime of the day. It is advisable to keep the room locked. In case of loss of keys, the student will be responsible for the new keys duplicate (see Loss of keys).


Cleaning shifts

Cleaning is divided into shifts: once per week each room (student) has to sweep and mp the floor of the common areas, empty waste bins, change the kitchen rubbish bags, leave the full ones in the bin of the flat or in the entrance hall (depending on the flats), clear the kitchen table and the counter. The student must wash up and collect all his/her kitchen utensils used after each meal. Kitchenware that remains dirty for more than one day will be removed and may be given back to the student upon payment of 5 euros.


Room transfer

Students are not allowed to exchange rooms without prior authorisation from the EASO Administration as this will affect subsequent bookings. It is not permitted to transfer the room to another student, friend or relative. Acceptance of applications as well as the processing of bookings is done exclusively by EASO.



Running and slamming doors is not permitted. Music equipment must be used at an appropriate volume so as not to interfere with the rest of the residents’ study and rest. After 10.30PM music must only be listened with headphones.
Parties and drinking parties are not allowed in the student flats nor in the rooms.
After 11PM cooking is not allowed so as not to disturb the residents.


Allowed furniture

Residents are allowed to place a stereo and a computer in their rooms. It is not permitted to install hotplates, cookers or other electrical appliances that could cause a fire. Any damage to the furnishings of the flat hall and the room not caused by ordinary use will be the responsibility of the resident who caused it and will be deducted from the security deposit. If the person responsible for the damage in common areas does not disclose his or her identity, the cost will be charged to all the students of the flat.
Pets and bicycles are not allowed in the student flats.

Tobacco and other illegal substances

Smoking, alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are NOT allowed in EASO student flats, neither in the room nor in the whole building.


Condition of the room

At the end of their stay, residents must leave their rooms clean, free of rubbish and with the furniture and fittings in the same condition as they found them. Failure to do so will not entitle the resident to a refund of the deposit.


Right of admission

EASO reserves the right to ask any student who does not comply with these rules to leave the flat.


Loss of keys

In case of loss of the set of keys, 25€ must be paid by the student for the new set of keys.



The facilities of the student flats are for the exclusive use of the residents. Friends or relatives of the students must not stay there nor use its services.
During the day and until 10.30PM visits from friends or relatives may be received in the flat hall or dinning room. After this time, any kind of party or meeting that may disturb fellow residents or neighbours of the building in which the student flat is located is forbidden.

If a student wishes to receive the visit of a friend or relative in his room for a few days, he/she must request it at the EASO office and arrange a booking (see Guest accommodation).

The stay of relatives or friends of residents at EASO will be exceptional and the following conditions must be met:

1. Prior information and consent of the EASO office.

2. Only one guest per student and a maximum of two nights will be allowed.

3. In double rooms, guests will not be allowed to stay without the express permission of the roommate.

4. The stay must be paid for in advance.

5. Upon arrival, the guest must provide a photocopy of his/her passport or ID card.

Price for guests: 20€/night

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